When God Has His Hand On You


Through The Good, The Bad and, The Ugly 

Trusting God is our greatest test. But when God has his hand on you life becomes your battlefield for trusting him. Its how we go through our test and shows us who we trust to have a hand on us. The Lord searches us (Psalm 139:1-5) and when His hand is on you, he knows you. Having His hand on you sets you apart.

Only can God fix our brokenness. Isaiah 59:1, it is our sins and iniquities that separate us from God. His  love is everlasting! I encourage you to cry out to God, repent and be disciplined to turn away from sin and the idols of this world. 

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Plans for 2013

There are quite a few things I hope to do in the new year. First off I would love to get back to my weight I was before I got pregnant with Bella. Right now I have 40lb to lose. Let’s see if I can do it. I would also like to take a family vacation since in 2012 we didn’t get to. The girls want to go to Disney and I want to see family in Florida and see the beach so I would love to get down to Florida sometime in 2013. We will of course celebrate Kaya’s 2nd birthday in March, Bella’s 3rd birthday in May, Lou’s 25th birthday in August, our 4th Anniversary in October, My 23rd birthday in November, and Louie’s 1st birthday in November. I hope to get a job in 2013 as a medical secretary/receptionist/medical administrative assistant. I am also hoping I will be able to graduate in 2013 as long as my classes keep being ok and I don’t get too busy with the kids. I think I will be done in about October.

Myrtle Beach May 2011

in May 2011 we spent a week at Myrtle Beach, SC. We stayed in a great hotel/timeshare right on the beach. We had a lot of fun spending time on the beach and visiting area attractions. We had one fun night visiting a fun restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort. If you are ever in an area that has one you must eat there. Be prepared though as it is not your typical restaurant, but i do not want to spoil the fun. Here are some pictures from our vacation:

Orlando January 2011

Ok this was a great family vacation and I really enjoyed it. We spent 2 weeks at a hotel/timeshare on Disney property. 002004007009



We went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Downtown Disney, and Hollywood Studios. It was a lot of fun. I reccomend this trip to everyone and i hope we get to take another trip there soon. Bella was only 7 months and I was 6 months pregnant with Kaya at the time. It was also Lou’s first ever trip and we didn’t get to experience everything. I want to go again so we can get the full experience and so the girls can meet Mickey and Minnie and enjoy riding rides.

Holidays 2012 and reflection of 2012

We just finished up with Christmas and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I can’t believe how fast this year went. Time always went fast, but it seems once you have kids time goes in warp speed. This was Bella’s 3rd Christmas, Kaya’s 2nd and Louie’s 1st. Some major things that happened this year was in March Kaya turned 1 and we found out we were expecting #3. In May Bella turned 2. Also in May Baby kitty had 3 kittens. May was very busy as my Dad got married on May 12 and Lou was in the wedding. i was supposed to be, but as i was pregnant I couldn’t fit in my dress. In August we attended the Rollin On the River Car show for the first time and Lou turned 24. On August 18 I also had my baby shower. on September 7, we lost Baby Kitty to poisoning. It was a very sad day, but we have her kittens to remember her by. In October me and Lou celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Also in Lou we walked in the Chiari Walk to support Lou’s sister Sam. Halloween was also in October and Bella and Kaya were both tigers. On November 2 I turned 23, and then on November 8th it was 1 year since my grandpa passed away and the day Louie was born. November held his first hospitalization and Thanksgiving. December came and with it came his second hospitalization and then Christmas. All of the kids were quite spoiled. And now we are at today. This year has been quite eventful and busy taking care of 3 under 3, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We just found out Lou’s sister Sam is expecting her 3rd miracle and we look forward to the coming months. This year has been amazing and we look forward to what 2013 holds in store for us.


Louis John Owens Jr. Newborn-7 weeks

Louis John Owens Jr. was born by emergency c-section at 10:48pm on Thursday November 8, 2012. This was a very special day as it was exactly 1 year after my grandfather had died. It was a miracle Louie was born this day. He weighed 6lb 13oz (heaviest baby out of all 3) and was 19.5 inches long. On November 21 Louie was admitted to Cincinnati Children’s hospital with the rhinovirus. He was in the pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 3 days on a ventilator and then in a regular room for 10 days, 8 of which were spent on oxygen. He was discharged on December 4. He was then readmitted on December 11 for not gaining weight. He had his formula changed around and was released on December 14. His formulas have changed a lot from the beginning. when he was born we tried Similac Advanced, but he spit it all up so we switched to Similac Soy. He was on that for a while but after his first hospital stay he was upped to 24 calories (normal formula is 20 calories). When he was admitted the second time they switched him to 24 calorie Nutramigen, and released him on 26 calorie Nutramigen. Although he has been gaining weight he was having problems with his BM and was just changed again to 20 calorie EleCare, which is recieved by prescription. So far things seem to be going great and his BM have improved. He has a visit to the GI specialists on January 9 to run tests and figure out what has caused all his problems. Here are his 7 week stats:

Weight: 7lb 7oz

height: 22 inches (1 foot 10 inches)

favorite things: being cuddled, his wubbanub, eating

next doctor visit: January 3, 2013 for his 2 month check up


louie collage

Kaya Cheyenne Owens Newborn- 21 months

Kaya Cheyenne Owens was born at 6:30am on Monday March 14, 2011.  Her due date was June 1, 2011. She weighed 6lb 4oz and was 18.25 inches long. She was our itty baby. Kaya too has had quite a lot of adventures in her short life. While i was pregnant with her we visited Orlando,FL.  At 2 months old she took a trip to Myrtle Beach,SC. She has been camping quite a bit in her life and she enjoys it. Her first birthday was celebrated with family at Nick and Tom’s Restaurant. She started walking at 15 months old. She too loves to talk, but doesn’t get to as much as she would like since Bella doesn’t stop. She currently loves playing with her big sister, whom she is almost as big as and might just pass up. She currently loves Blue’s Clues, Elmo, and mickey and Minnie just like her big sister Bella. She too wants to take a trip to Disney in the coming year to meet them. We will see what we can do. She just started sleeping in a toddler bed, she has been in one for 2 nights and is doing great. Kaya also currently attends Rugratt Learning Center where she is right on development. Here are her current stats:

Weight: 24 lb

Height: 32 inches (2 feet 8 inches)

favorite things to do: color, play with Bella, anything to do with Mickey and Minnie.

next doctor visit: 2 year check-up March 2013.


kaya collage